The main purpose of the package LIKE HOME is to take care of the tiresome daily issues and to make you feel cozy, secure and carefree at your home or office.
Depending on the need of your property, you may choose from the following types of partnership with us:

  • UNPLANNED facility service – call out reaction without subscription contract
  • PLANNED facility services according subscription contract
  • Facility services according subscription contract with partially of fully presence of technician of our team in the property

The Services we provide

Planning, management and controlling of the maintenance expenses

Maintenance and repair of the property

Prophylaxis and maintenance of machines and equipment

Management of cleaning and greenery staff. Waste management and insect threat care

Management of security and door-keeper staff

Preparation of weekly/monthly reports

Mediation in investigating, contracting and the following maintenance of contracts with a Bulgarian service suppliers and Bulgarian Institutions

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